Family Therapy

Family therapy sessions are often helpful when families have tried to resolve issues on their own without success. Family therapy typically involves two or more family members.  After my initial assessment consultation with a parent(s), I will suggest possible treatment options with regards to who should attend sessions (and why).  Together we will formulate a treatment plan specifically designed to address concerns and improve family relations.

Family therapy looks at the family as a whole—a unit—a “system”—and explores dynamics and interactions within that unit.  The therapist offers observations, alternatives to patterns of behavior or interaction, and encourages each family member to find their “voice” and verbalize one’s needs.  While sessions may look like traditional talk therapy, family therapy sessions are often more experiential in nature.  Above all else, a central goal of the work is to assists members with making meaningful change, improving the quality of their relationships, and each family member’s experience of self as a member of the family.