An important note

To separated or divorced parents: Psychotherapy is most effective when an emotionally safe and trusting relationship exists between therapist and client.  Privacy is especially important in securing and maintaining trust, and in providing your child the freedom to explore his or her concerns. 

This is particularly true for children whose parents are separated or divorced.  Children whose families are experiencing such life realities are especially in need of an emotional “zone of conflict-free privacy” designed to help foster his or her well-being and mental health.

Although my responsibility to your child may require my involvement in conflicts between parents, I request your agreement that my involvement will be strictly limited to therapeutic goals designed to benefit your child’s mental health.  In particular, we are agreeing that in any legal proceedings neither parent will ask me to testify in court, whether in person, or by affidavit.  I’d also like to invite you to agree to instruct your attorneys not to subpoena me or to refer in any court filing to our therapeutic work.
This is solely to protect the mental health needs of your child.

If these agreements cannot be made, I will, to the extent of my ability, help you locate another provider who may be willing and available to work with you.  If your child is already in treatment with me (at the time of initial separation), and you do not agree to these agreements, I ask that I am given the opportunity to have a few (1-3) closing sessions with your child to properly end the treatment relationship and/or to help facilitate transfer of the case to another provider.  Again, this is solely to protect the mental health needs of your child.

My practice policy includes two forms that parents who are separated/divorced will need to sign if I am to work with your child.  Please go HERE to access the forms.