Creativity Life Coaching

Embrace creative potential, extinguish doubt and fear, and strive for excellence!  

Creativity Life Coaching is a form of individual counseling in which the coach and client work together as a team to set goals, develop an action plan, and see it through to successful completion. Coaching is an alliance between equals to amplify and accelerate self-discovery and to facilitate a client’s objectives. Coaching is active, solution-focused, energizing, and outcome directed. It is a specific relationship intended to help clients venture into new territory, to try things in a new way, or to operate in new ways while providing support and encouragement throughout. As your coach, I can help you to clarify goals, challenge you to make goals happen, and support you so you can stay on the course to success. People hire me to help them identify and actualize aspirations and help them attain what they haven’t been able to attain on their own. I work with individuals who aspire to reach creative excellence!

Creativity Life Coaching is a personal, inner-growth process that can promote extraordinary results in the lives, relationships, and careers of individuals. As your coach, I will:

  • Identify and clarify your creative aspirations and goals
  • Ask probing questions that spark curiosity and new ways of thinking
  • Provide tools and structure to accomplish more
  • Hold you accountable
  • Provide insights and feedback designed to give you new perspectives
  • Challenge unproductive and self-defeating habits so that you can thrive
  • Help set time limits and deadlines to mitigate procrastination
  • Support and encourage you as you take on new challenges and grow
  • Suggest “homework” designed to promote your growth
  • Hold a vision of you as your highest and best potential
  • Celebrate your success and self-actualization

What is the difference between Psychotherapy and Coaching?

Generally people turn to a psychotherapist when they experience psychological or interpersonal pain that interfere with the conduct of their everyday life. Many people have turned to a psychotherapist when they want to enhance their lives. They seek therapy for personal growth and self-understanding. They have specific problems or concerns that require a healing process.

Coaching begins where psychotherapy leaves off. A coach assumes the client is well-functioning. He or she may be facing a roadblock as they strive to maximize their potential and reach their goals. People turn to coaches when their lives are going well, but have a sense that something is left undone or is underdeveloped in their personal or professional lives. Usually, coaching clients are high-functioning people who want to expand their lives, their businesses, and their general outlook or satisfaction. They seek a coach to accelerate their growth or maximize an opportunity.

Above all coaching is about one thing--your successful moving toward your goals and dreams. Coaching is about creating the creative life or business you want and deserve. Coaching is future-oriented and does not explore the past. We do not focus on emotional issues related to the past or current functioning (which is the focus of psychotherapy). This is not to suggest that we don’t discuss your thoughts and feelings associated with growth and change, but that emotional healing is not the primary focus of our efforts. We assume that you are functioning well emotionally and that you are capable of expressing and handling your emotions. We assume you are healthy and that you have no pressing mental health concerns or overt problems. If such issues are revealed during the course of our work, appropriate services will be recommended and given consideration by the client. Despite my being a psychotherapist, I cannot provide such services to my coaching clients. Coaching may be engaged in while in psychotherapy with someone else; each endeavor serves a unique and mutually supportive role in the lives of clients. In fact, many people have reported that the combined insights and life changes offered by psychotherapy and coaching have transformed their personal and professional lives!